How The Oatmeal Diet Works Health N Active

How The Oatmeal Diet Works                 Health N Active

order to lose weight, some kind of change must occur in your body. Normally,

the way to lose weight is to reduce portion sizes or replace certain meals with

an alternative form of subsistence. With the Oatmeal Diet, you''ll be replacing

those meals with oatmeal, and eating oatmeal for snacks, when you''re still

feeling hungry. The great thing about this diet is that oatmeal is slow to

process for your body. This means that you''ll be feeling fuller for a longer

period of time. There are a couple of variations to this diet, and I''ll outline

first variation of the oatmeal diet involves three stages. The first stage is

to eat only oatmeal for seven days. After the seven days are over, eat a half

of a cup of oatmeal before every meal and eat small portions for thirty days.

For the final stage, eat oatmeal in place of a single one of your mealtimes and

for one snack out of your day. This variation of the oatmeal diet is a little

more difficult for people to stick to, which is why there is a second

second version of the oatmeal diet, instead of going all out, you just replace

two meals per day with oatmeal for fourteen days. After that, eat a half cup of

oatmeal before each meal for approximately thirty days. Finally, eat oatmeal

instead of one of your meals until you reach the target weight.

both versions of the oatmeal diet, you stay in the last stage until you are at

your target weight. After that, you transition into only eating regular meals

with the new portion sizes you are used to. Make sure that you don''t overfill

yourself while you''re eating, as it will put you back into the same spot you

were in before you started the diet. You can still eat as much oatmeal as you

fact to note while you''re doing the oatmeal diet is that you need to ensure

that you''re not eating foods that have too high of a fat content. They would

start to fight against your diet because you body will think it needs to take

in nutrients. So avoid fatty foods! Make sure you''re eating salads instead of

fried, greasy foods. You''ll actually feel better if you eat foods that are good

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